Dear Tired,

Lifting tired arms, one letter at a time.

RyanKeith_ProfilePicThe calling on my life is to declare what God is for and equip others to do the same at a time in our culture where God is increasingly only known for what He is against. I love to come share about God’s heart for orphan care and the growing opportunity to equip local voices who are already caring for children. I am most passionate about declaring the hope I have seen in unexpected places. Along the journey, I have met many ambassadors of hope in some unexpected places and love sharing their stories.

Please use this simple introduction form to tell me more about your goals for our time together. I look forward to being with you.




Here’s what some others have said. I’m excited to share on the following topics for your gathering, among others:

  • Orphan Care through International Church Partnerships
  • The Crisis Facing Children
  • Why are we hiding – thoughts from pastors in Africa on the American church; 
  • Community development & Transformational development
  • Equipping local leadership
  • Equipping your local church to meet the needs of community
  • Rising African church,
  • Social Entrepreneurship / Starting a ministry
  • Engaging your USA church well
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