Dear Tired,

Lifting tired arms, one letter at a time.


Dear Tired, This writing endeavor has already helped me. Perhaps it will also help you.     Sincerely, me

Let’s lift tired arms together through listening to one another.

If you are a seeker of hope amidst the darkness, welcome. Me, too. If you are searching for stories about what God is for at a time He seems to only be known for what He is against, this blog is for you.

God and the world don’t need another burned out Christian. Too many of us are on the verge of exhaustion. We need to move with purpose, poise, and joy. I’m trying to find a way to live that way.

While life-giving to thousands, starting and leading Forgotten Voices also nearly crushed me. After losing hundreds of people from this side of heaven, experiencing early stages of post-traumatic stress, and helping birth a ministry while also growing a family of my own, Tired shaped so much of my 14 years leading it. There were many moments of pure joy, but plenty of tired. Looking back on it all helps me unpack the beautiful lessons I’ve learned about work, life, love, and hope amidst a culture that permeates Tired. Too often, I forget to see the invitations from God to rest in the green pastures He was leading me to rest in.

DearTired is a collection of writings and stories I’ll share that are for me, but I also hope you, too, as we all remember we are more than our work. We are meant for more than a perpetual state of Tired.

I am a husband, father of 3, and an advocate for children everywhere.

I am a fan of the Boston sports teams, consumer of Dr Pepper, mimicker of animal sounds, listener to strangers, and seeker of hope. I’m passionate about listening to local voices all around – particularly children and senior citizens. When I travel I thoroughly enjoy listening to strangers share what’s happening in their lives, what they hope for, and their thoughts on what life is about.

Though I’m proud Messiah University Falcon and have an MPP from Harvard, my best education and insights come from listening to others and embracing unexpected opportunities to learn. Since watching my mom befriend strangers throughout my childhood, I have a great love of learning about others and searching for hope in surprising places.

After 14+ of traveling to Africa, I transitioned from staff at Forgotten Voices in June 2018 to become the Strategic Initiatives Pastor at West Shore Free Church. In my current role, I help equip our church to become a better neighbor and help launch strategic initiatives within and outside our church building, using lessons I’ve learned from local churches in Africa and remembering that God goes before me, especially when I have no idea how to do whatever comes next.

Enjoy the journey. I look forward to walking this road with you and introducing you to friends and strangers I meet along the way. Thanks for coming by.


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