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What church leaders are saying about Ryan:

“Ryan is a on the front lines of creating social change in some of the most difficult and abandoned places on this earth. A place like Zimbabwe where the inflation rate was 66,000% and no other NGOs wanted to operate because of challenges. His intelligence combined with his perseverance to find innovative solutions in the midst of overwhelming odds make him an amazing leader and one that delivers results for the poor and oppressed. Anyone looking to make a difference in the world should get to know Ryan and find out how they can become a voice for the voiceless.” ~ Aaron Graham, Pastor, The District Church

“If you are looking for a high impact global outreach connection, there is no one finer to partner with than Ryan Keith and Forgotten Voices. Ryan is one of those rare leaders who is both visionary and humble. His tireless efforts in providing practical help, hope and direction have built Forgotten Voices into a model that I believe is the future wave of global outreach for churches and individuals who are convinced that they can no longer stand on the sidelines. Ryan puts the spotlight on the local leadership in Zimbabwe and Zambia, not on himself. He has created a network of people who are responding with faith, expert knowledge, respect and hope that is wonderful to see and experience.”  ~ Paul Atwater, Senior Pastor, North River Community Church

“Ryan Keith is a passionate leader who thoughtfully facilitates the involvement of others in a worthy cause. Ryan has great leadership skills combined with integrity. While he is creative in his approach to growing this nonprofit organization, he remains focused on the goals of Forgotten Voices International. Ryan is an articulate spokesperson for the marginalized voices that desperately need an advocate. My association with Ryan has always been a positive experience. I recommend him without reservation.” Eldon Fry, Former College Pastor, Messiah University

What business leaders are saying:

“Forgotten Voices’ approach to helping children orphaned by AIDS is measurably healthier than any other organization I have researched in my role as a Foundation Director.”  ~ Suzanne Daniel, The Pilgrim Foundation

“Forgotten Voices is a remarkable organization helping orphans in Zimbabwe & Zambia through the local church. It is the most cost efficient and effective orphan care ministry I’ve ever seen.” ~ Jay Brown, Chief Executive Officer, Crown Castle

“Forgotten Voices is completely transparent and adheres to the highest standards in the way they operate in every area. More than that, they are extremely effective. We’ve seen first hand (through 4 trips) how they have not only improved the lives of thousands of children and families but also saved their lives. It’s amazing to us that a young grass roots organization has had such a huge impact in such a short time.” ~ Stephen Bozzo, Former CIO, Oriental Trading Co.; Former CIO, 1-800-Flowers

“Ryan has been one of the main sources of inspiration to me at Harvard – as a fellow student with a hunger and humility to learn from others; as a leader of an organization with the passion, integrity, technical knowledge and savvy to advance its goals; and as a friend and family man, caring, thoughtful and compassionate.” ~ Alvin Sheng Hui Tan, former Head of Public Policy, Facebook; Former Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

“Ryan worked on extremely challenging projects during his time with our organization. For example, he was responsible for the regional startup of one of Governor Rendell’s keynote initiatives called the Keystone Innovation Zone where educators, researchers and small business owners would join forces to increase the rate of entrepreneurial development in the Harrisburg region. This was no small task because working with such a diverse group was a major challenge. Through his leadership, active listening and consensus building skills, Ryan was able to able to identify areas of agreement and submitted an innovative grant that was approved by the State and which became a model for best practices throughout the Commonwealth. Throughout the planning process and future implementation of the work plan, Ryan demonstrated a high degree of creativity, organization and initiative.” ~ Linda Goldstein, past VP & COO, Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC

“Ryan is tenacious, dedicated and passionate about achieving his goals. He seeks to find solutions and create supportive partnerships with the clear understanding of the big picture. He is a leader who motivates others and leads by example, never seeking the limelight. Personally, he is an engaging and fun loving guy who know how to balance his life with work and play. Set a goal with Ryan and he makes it happen.”   ~ Marsha Davis, Principal, On Track Consulting Services; Serial Entrepreneur

“Ryan is a dynamic, intelligent, and warm-hearted man who temporarily set aside his graduate school plans to begin a much-needed international humanitarian work. With diligence and hard work he has done it – and done it well. Whatever he lays his hand to succeeds. To work with him is a pleasure and privilege. ~ Michael True, Senior Associate, Talent Development & Marketing, Messiah University

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